Recycling - the American way

09.März 2006 Markus

Something I really don’t like here is the waste separation. Yes, I have never been an eco-warrior, but I always separated my garbage and really believe it’s a good thing to do. The US has always been world champion in producing waste, the best thing so far is the coffee machine at our headquarters: next to it, rows upon rows of at least a dozen flavors like vanilla or cinnamon are to be found. But how do you get your coffee? Oh, that’s easy! For each and every cup you take a little plastic cup with a built-in filter, put it in the machine and get your cup-o-coffee. That’s 5×5x3cm of plastic waste per cup, that this machine miraculuously disposes as well. Or is it just dissolved into the coffee? It sure tastes like that… Anyway. In our office or everywhere else you just throw away glass, paper, food leftovers and everything else in the same thrashcan - isn’t that just great? But not in our appartment hotel you don’t! Characteristically every floor has its own thrash room, where garbage is disposed of via thrash chute, but at my place it looks like this:

müll1.JPGIn an absolutely high-techy way you first have to choose which type of garbage you want to dispose by a press of a button, before the cover opens! Just why do I have this nagging feeling that down below there’s still only a single container…?

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  • 1. ori gelfer - Gelfer LTD  |  28.August 2007 at 19:44

    Hi ,
    what company produces this chute system ?

  • 2. Markus  |  28.August 2007 at 21:37

    Sorry, no idea - I moved out more than a year ago.

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