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Today I finally watched Supersize Me, Morgan Spurlocks’ fast food documentary. For those who still haven’t heard about this movie: Morgan tries a rather drastic experiment on himself and for 30 days only eats at Mc Donalds. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everybody knows that I generally like fast food and that I just love a good burger, but this documentary is absolutely distressing. I know that fast food is not good for your general healt, but I had no idea it’s that bad. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but it’s really terrifying. The one thing that really freaked me was not the gain in weight, the blood pressure or the heart problems that resulted after 30 days of Morgans’ diet, but a little feature to be found in the bonus section of the DVD. In a different experiment, Morgans stores different burgers and fries from McD in preserving jars to document the decay. The whole thing is rather disgusting and doesn’t make much sense at the first look, because of course the stuff decays just like you would think it would do… well, the burgers do. And that’s the really disturbing part: whereas the burgers go through all stages of decay in the 10 weeks of the experiment, nothing, absolutely nothing happens to the fries! After 10 weeks these little sticks look like they have been bought the day before! Morgans’ commentary: “Now imagine how good they are for your digestive system”…

Of course I will continue eating fast food every now and then, but for the time being, I’m full, thank you very much. I wonder how long it’s going to last. Feel free to take up bets…

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Things I will miss in NY

NY will have great things to offer and I’m also looking forward to visiting many other places over there, inlcuding Canada (hello Ian!) and South America. However, what I will surely miss is going to Tuscany in the summer or fall. I think I’ve been to Tuscany at least once a year since 1998. I love Tuscany, it’s one of my favourite places on earth. I love the little towns and villages like Siena and Lucca and of course Florence, but what I love even more are the beautiful Tuscan hills and the light that falls upon them in the late afternoon. We’d usually stay in a house in the hills above Vinci (Leonardo’s home town). Some families often spend the summer somewhere else and rent their houses to tourists, so usually the houses are very authentic. Last year Chris’ parents were so kind and let us stay in their house, they have a nice semi-detached house about 10 minutes from Vinci in Lamporecchio with a beautiful view over valley.

Two years ago, we got ourselves a book containing the 1700 best restaurants in the whole of Italy. It’s is not so much about listing only the expensive restaurants, it mainly focuses on restaurants that use local products from the surrounding farms. This movement is called Slow Food is a very good thing I think. We’ve tried out a lot of restaurants in Tuscany and South Tyrol (where we usually stop on our way back home), and so far we have only had one experience which was “only” okay and not as great as all the other ones. Sometimes we’d drive for 2 hours just to get to a restaurant. Our favourite is La Casa di Caccia way up in the hills north of Florence. They have a website, too, but I think it’s a pretty bad one as it doesn’t reflect the cosiness of the restaurant at all, therefore I don’t provide the link. ;-) It used to be an old hunter’s hut and there are black and white pictures on the wall portraying old men sitting on their vespas with shot rabbits hanging from the handlebars. One night when we left the restaurant to drive home again we even spotted two huge porcupines in our headlights that were running to hide in the bushes.
And once during our stay we’d go to San Gimignano, taste some of the world’s best ice cream (there’s actually one gelateria with pictures from very famous people from all over the world who’ve tasted their ice cream) and after that we’d drive to a nearby little place called San Donato where we’d by a crate of Vernaccia wine (”Angelica”) from the local fattoria.

Oh well, one day I’m sure I will see all of this again. :-)

Arrivederci allora e a presto, bella Toscana!

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Welcome to our blog

This is my first blog entry in English. Markus’ (now former) work mates have created a blog especially for us. I think it turned out really, really great and I would like to extend a big thank you to everybody involved. :-)

Unfortunately for all non-German speaking people, I think most entries will be in German, but I intend to write in English on a regular basis, too, so my dear friends out there in the world know what we’re up to (if they want to know at all) ;-)
There’ll definitely be more entries coming along as of August when I’m finally moving over to NY. I’m sure I’ll have many impressions to tell once I’m there.
For now I’ll enjoy my remaining time in winter wonderland Munich. I really wish though the snow would go away soon, I’m so ready for spring and to wearing different clothes again. I’m definitely more of a summer person.
Natascha, my work mate, got herself a dog the other day from the dog shelter. She’s a Podenco (Spanish greyhound type of dog) called Siena. She’s a model among dogs, very skinny (she’s actually shivering a lot) with a distinctive face and bat-like ears (well, the latter is probably not very model-like). She’s now living in our office during week days and I think she likes it. She’s even got her own sofa to sleep on. But she keeps burping and caughing, so Natascha will take her to a vet to have her checked out. I hope once she’s acquainted with everything we can take her running in the park some time during lunchtime. The Olympic park is right around the corner from our office and we’ve got a shower here, so perfect conditions. I’ll be posting pictures soon.


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